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L2:Max Client


15x 15x 15x 5x 5x

Quests made easier

Fun events

L2:Max is a Lineage 2 test server absolutely free of charge. Lineage 2 is created by NCSoft. On the left side you can download a prepared Lineage 2 to play on L2:Max.

L2:Max was originally created by Phantom and Scypther in 2004 hosting a C1 server. Later many new players joined when we moved to C4 and Interlude.

We decided to reunite old and new L2:Max players one more time to relive the glorious times.

Our work continues once the server is up, we have an active issues system and staff that helps you out with issues!

Free to play

We simply want to reunite all old L2:Max players one last time. Please share and invite all your friends!

Help us

We want to give you and your friends a good time so please send us a message on Discord, Facebook or Twitter if you have any ideas.

Secure and private

We respect your privacy, that's why we dont use 3rd party libraries on our web pages and store your passwords using a high encryption algorithm.

Invite friends

Give a friend free starting rewards!

We want to reward you for introducing players to our server, the more players the more fun!

15x 15x 15x 5x 5x


  • Rates
  • Quests
  • Olympiad
  • Offline shops
  • Nearly complete
  • XP/SP: 15x
  • Adena: 15x
  • Drop & Spoil: 5x
  • Materials drop amount: 2x
  • Materials spoil amount: 3x
  • Quest XP & SP: 5x
  • Quest adena: 10x
  • Party XP: 1.5x
  • Raid boss drops: 2x
  • Epic raid boss drops: 1x

We know some quests consume a lot of time in Lineage 2 Interlude. That's why we decided to make several quests easier.
Come and play and experience it yourself!


Olympiad starts daily at 18:00 and ends at 22:00 (UTC)

Offline shop
Offline shop

Ingame you are able to start a private store and type .offline_shop and log off. Your store will stay available for other players.

Nearly complete
Nearly complete

We're trying to give you the best Lineage 2 Interlude experience possible. Missing features can be reported at our Bugtracker.

About us

Experienced and we our players

Lineage 2 since 2004

L2:Max was founded in 2004 by Phantom, Scypther and Tillion(joined later). A special thanks to GameMasters, players and donors who helped us make L2:Max big and fun. After 17 years we want to give something back to these players during the corona crisis.

Awesome GM Team

L2:Max has staff that used to play on our server before and know the likes and dislikes that came with it. Please remember to respect the staff. We don't get paid and spend our free time on L2:Max.

Fair gameplay

Our client comes with 3rd party software detection to help stop botting and server side manipulation. If you suspect someone is playing unfair, please send us a message on Facebook, Discord or Twitter.

Have fun


  • Common sense
  • Staff members
  • Third party software and account sharing
  • Bugs and exploits
  • Chatting and names
  • Trading
  • Events
Common sense

Please use your common sense while playing on L2:Max
We want to create a good and fun environment for you so please support us by doing exactly that.

Staff members

1. Disrespectful attitude towards Staff Members is forbidden;
Punishment: High - ranging from temporary ban to permanent ban on the user's machine.

* Staff members include all Administrators (Admins) and Game Masters (GMs).
These rules also apply inside L2 and outside(Discord, Facebook, Twitter, e-mails etc)


2.1 GameMasters won't be actively hunting dualboxers but please use common sense, everyone prefers an active buffer
Current window limit is 4

Third party software and account sharing

3.1. Using a program that allows for automated gameplay, such as a bot, is strictly forbidden.
Punishment: Automatic - the antibot system will automatically ban you permanently from the server. You only get one chance to unban by using our Game CP.

For complete safety, we highly recommend removing all botting software from your computer. You will be banned for running the software even if L2:Max is not your target server.

3.2. You are responsible for sharing your account;
There is no punishment, but GMs are not required to assist you in recovering stolen goods in case of account sharing fraud.
The owner of an account is the owner of its respective mail address. If you have lost your e-mail address, you will be asked for your game account when the account was made. Please take care of your account.

Bugs and exploits

4.1. Active exploitation of broken or unintended game mechanics (i.e. bugs, glitches) is not tolerated.
Punishment: Medium

4.2. It is forbidden to share information about an exploit with anyone except the staff;
Punishment: Medium

Chatting and names

5.1. Actively engaging in slander, racism, real life threats, insults or highly disruptive behavior in the in-game chat is against the rules;
Punishment: Slight - varies from a warning to chat or in-game bans depending on persistence and gravity.

5.2. It is forbidden to impersonate a staff member in any way;
Punishment: Severe

5.3. Indecent or offensive names are forbidden;
Punishment: Medium - character will be isolated in GM ROOM until name is changed


6.1. It is forbidden to start an in-game shop right next to an important or often-accessed NPC, or to block pathways leading to them;
Punishment: Slight

6.2. It is forbidden to sell your items or account for any type of real-world currency;
Punishment: Severe


7.1. It is forbidden to enter an event zone unless the event organizer invites you or the entrance is free;
Punishment: Slight

7.2. Any unwanted intervention during an event is forbidden;
Punishment: Slight