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Tongue Open Beta and ETA
Posted by: Teufel - 04-16-2014 07:54 AM - Replies (31)
[Image: 2dsl01x.jpg]
Dear members,

After several days of waiting we have pleasure to announce all informations about our server L2Max :

Here you can see our complete server features.

ETA: 25th April 22:00 GMT+2

Open Beta: 18th April 23:00 GMT+2

Files: Official Lineage 2 Interlude

XP/SP: 15x
Adena: 5x
NPC Prices are decreased by 3x
Spoil: 7x
Drop: 7x
Mats drop quantity: 1-3 Low Mats 1-2 High Mats
Mats spoil quantity: 1-3 Low Mats 1-2 High Mats
Quest XP/SP: 15x
Quest adena: 3x

Server configuration:
Hourly database backups
DDoS Protection (Players won't be able to move and are invulnerable)

Dualbox: Main+Support + Offline Shop

Buff Time:
Buffs Time 20 minutes
Songs/Dances time 2 minutes
Greater Buffs time retail

Quests changes:
- 3rd class transfers quests: 700 Halisha marks => 150 marks needed.
- Alliance with Ketra Orcs 1-2x
- Alliance with Varka Silenos 1-2x
- An Ice Merchant's Dream 1-2x
- A Powerful Primeval Creature 2 or 3x ( need to test it on Beta )
- Clean up the Swamp of Screams 1-2
- Exploration of Giants Cave, Part 1 and Part 2 1-3x
- Gather the flames 1-2x
- In Search of Fragments of Dimension 1-2x
- Legacy of Insolence 1-2x
- Supplier of Regeants 1-2x ( 1-3x for Punches )
- The Finest Food 1-2x
- The Finest Ingredients - Part 1 1-2x
- The Finest Ingredients - Part 2 1-2x
- War with Ketra Orcs 2-3x
- War with Varka Silenos 2-3x
- Whisper Of Dreams Part 1/ Part 2 1-2x
- Rase & Fall of the Elroki Tribe 1-2x
- Relics of the old empire 1-2x

* - Molar quest is being altered in general. Once you have all the seeds required for a pouch, you will instead have a choice to spend those seeds on an S grade 60% armor recipe of your choice. So you don't have to buy a bag and get a random recipe of any armor set or some useless parts in general. This comes into alignment with the S grade weapon quest, where you have a choice. I hope Koreans wont be too disappointed.

Shyla NPC: 2nd class transfer marks buyable.

Event: Main Event => Our traditionaly * Event Medals *
Some events will be created by Event GameMasters.

The Website will be changed before Open Beta and a new topic will be created on the forum - TOTEST List Open Beta - .
In this list you'll be able to find informations about Open Beta and what we're looking to test..

All I want from you is to announce all players of Lineage 2 that L2Max is back and it's going crazy !

Don't forget to be there - 25th April !

For the next time, L2Max Team.
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  Guests Permissions
Posted by: Teufel - 04-02-2014 12:06 PM - No Replies
Dear members of L2Max,

From now Guests will be able to view Interlude 15x Section ( Events, Clans etc ).
We also have good news about the Website; We're finishing the code and we'll test our concept tonight!

For the next time, Teufel.
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  Improved Design
Posted by: Teufel - 03-28-2014 02:13 PM - No Replies
Dear L2Max members,

Phantom already improved the design and today it will be ready.

We have news about our Datacenter, it will be ready on the 6 April, that mean we will have Open Beta after few days.

The online users from the forum is the real number. I got one message that asked me about this thing.
Here is the picture with the improved design.
[Image: 9pymon.png]

For the next, L2Max Team.
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